In the 1970s ,

Japanese automobile industry has benefitted

dramatically by the high economic growth.

Racing became popular in Europe and the United States,

Racing also became popular in Japan.

Everyone was interested in building a race car,

so the tuning culture and modding became popular in Japan

In the 1980s,

young people started to buy Motorcycle and cars

Keep in mind that back then, there was no cell phones or Internet

most of my friends brought bikes or cars

and that was the beginning of the car modding boom.

Touges, highways, seaports,

and downtown has became popular street racing hang out spots,

1980s is also the same when Street racing and

motorcycle gangs became popular in Japan

This is also when I started Team 6666.

I have learned a lot about bikes and cars modding during that time.

customizing a bike/car has became a 2nd nature to me.

I started Tops Racing Art TRA kyoto in 1995.

I made a lot of mistake during this time,

but we continued because I love cars.


kei miura

߄o Matrix

tra_kyoto since 1995